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Vitruvian Woman Collection


Vitruvian Woman

Marcos Vitruvius Pollio, born around 80 BC, served in the Roman army designing and constructing artillery machines. He was also an architect and his most important work was literary. He wrote the only surviving book on architecture from classic antiquity: De Architectura known today as The Ten Books on Architecture. His discussion of the proportions of man inspired people to give those ideas form. The most well-known is Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

vitruvian man fra giocondo cesare cesariano homo ad circulum francesco di giorgio vitruvian man da vinci vetruvian man

The evolution of the In The Clouds Collection merged with Vitruvius' ideas creating the opportunity to produce this interpretation. It took countless hours over many days to create this piece. During that process, we continued exploring the space with different intentions, movements and forms.