UnVeiled, a book exploring the fine art of Tom Suhler

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"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." This quote from Edgar Degas is the opening line in Tom Suhler's book, UnVeiled. With that as a mantra, Suhler frames four years of his work as an artist.

Suhler discusses his use of nudity, beauty, layers and story in creating imagery that engages the beholder on emotional and intellectual levels. He also shows how changing perspective effects not only how we view art but also the world at large. Suhler's use of text is sparse and spaced throughout the book. His goal being to give the viewer just a little bit of context with which to frame the imagery and then let the beholder create their own interpretations.

UnVeiled includes 52 images from Suhler's (e)Motion and Winding Creek collections spread over 64 pages. The book was printed in his home town of Austin, Texas giving Suhler the greatest possible quality control over the reproduction of his imagery.

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"UnVeiled is a visual treat!"

"...finely done art in that it goes beyond the subject matter."

Ron Stark - Photographer, Painter, Author


UnVeiled - Hardcover 8.25 x 8.25 inches - $25.00 U.S.  

UnVeiled - Paperback 8 x 8 inches - $15.00 U.S.  

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