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My interest for art started before I hit my teens. I started with photography and my parent's Argus C2 35 mm camera and dad's childhood darkroom equipment. Then other things consumed my life and I only dabbled in photography for many years. In the past several years I find myself more and more drawn to photography and film-making as the best means to express my creative urges.

Tom Suhler Those "other" years were spent on endeavors that have served me well. I've played tennis most of my life and competed in the U.S. and abroad. I've also taught the sport and spent a year in front of the camera hosting a statewide TV show on the subject. There was some time spent modeling for print publications; I've brokered real estate and managed a sales staff for a medical supply firm. And somewhere along in there it seemed like a good idea to learn computer programming (which turned into a software company) and construction (which turned into designing and building my house.)

So what does all this have to do with art. My long and winding road has shown me that you can't know how something works until you get in up to your neck; that no matter what your eyes tell you, you're going to be surprised, and that trust opens doors you weren't sure could ever be opened. I guess my life - and my art - are most closely akin to rock-climbing, another of my pastime passions. Climbing is intimate contact. You can't know the cliff until you get on it, trust the next hand hold, regroup and rethink your moves, see and appreciate that stony face from every conceivable angle. And when you're done, look at it a different way. See if there's another approach to scaling it. And always be open to surprises.

Artist Statment

I strive to create a statement that on the surface is first, engagingly beautiful but also reveals deeper layers of mystery, grace and story that the viewer can imagine with emotions and intellect. Beauty performs a dual role acting as physical and expressive elements. Nudity expresses openness, honesty, vulnerability and freedom. The environment appears simple, yet mysterious. Viewers are presented with a single frame from an event which may contain protagonist and antagonist forms with tension or synchronicity, character struggles and archetypal figures from which the viewer is encouraged to imagine their own story.

Shows, Awards, …

Honorable Mention 0216  int'l photography awards PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Featured Artist Nude Attitude Peoria Art Guild Honorable Mention 2014  int'l photography awards Official Selection Modern Image China 2010 Official Selection Dynamic Studio Channel Islands Official Selection (Un)Clothed – The Center for Fine Art Photography Honorable Mention 2011 int'l photography awards Official Selection Lexington Art League Nude 2011 Official Selection International Photography Awards Los Angeles Official Selection PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2011 Solo Show Unveiled Burns Gallery Honorable Mention 2010 int'l photography awards Official Selection SYNChronicity SYNC Gallery Featured Artist Art Connections Gallery Solo Show Unveiled Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio Solo Show S No. 1 Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio Solo Show Foreign Worlds Exposure Fine Art Gallery & Studio Solo Show Exposure Exploring Color & Character Relationships Fine Art Gallery & Studio Official Selection Nude Nite Miami Official Selection Nude Nite Orlando Official Selection Nude Nite Tampa

Telephone: 512.329.5516
Austin, Texas

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