Changing Art Perspective Interactive Exhibit

Perspective has a powerful effect on the things we witness. Changing how you view art can greatly alter how it feels and the stories it tells.

After viewing the images below for a moment, turn them upside down.

Does they feel different?

Can you imagine different stories?


Faberge by Tom Suhler

The Back Story:

The idea for this exhibit occurred one day while I was trying to explain what I do to my dad. First, a little bit about my father. We have a very good relationship. He was a retired scientist at the time. He enjoys realism. If the painting looks like a photograph then it is a good painting. That is art in his eyes. It is difficult for him to engage or get into expressionism or abstraction.

So there we were having coffee and a snack waiting for his car to get fixed. We had time to kill and I really wanted him to see the complexity in my art. But I can see that I'm not getting him to connect with the themes or emotions expressed in my work. So I took out my business card which has Faberge on one side. I set it down on the table and say what is that. He says, "a naked woman." I turned the card so Faberge was upside down. Without prompting he immediately says, "that feels different."

From that moment on he had a different reference point when viewing my art.

The Changing Perspectives exhibit was first seen at my UnVeiled show in Austin, Texas. At the show, "Faberge" (the image above) was mounted so the audience could physically rotate the image. For the S No. 1 show, the recently created image, "S No. 11" (the image below) was included.

This has been such a popular exhibit that I now sell prints mounted in Changing Perspective Frames ™. for more information.


S No. 11 by Tom Suhler